CDC Meeting

A meeting for the formation of a Citizens Defence Committee will be held on Saturday the 12th at 2.00pm in the Deluxe Public House on Capel Street, Dublin 1. This is the first Citizens Defence meeting to be held, and will include discussions about:

– The short and long term aims and objectives of the Citizens Defence Committee.
– Proposed initiatives, including the Waste Management Relief initiative, Water and Housing Initiatives.
– Suggestions for any other initiatives in which others may suggest.
– The location/area in which such initiatives and the CDC should/will be implemented.

We invite all like-minded radical left wing activists, whether affiliated or independent, to attend and help form this Citizens Defence Committee.

The Citizens Defence is an initiative born from discussions between left wing political activists seeking new and practical approaches to politicise communities which have been alienated hitherto from political participation, and to defend them against the current market induced recession. The ‘Waste Management Relief Initiative’ (WMRI) has been proposed as an initial starting block for the Citizens Defence to begin reaching out to communities and to get them involved. This initiative is a proposal – not a sure runner. It will need to be discussed at the first Citizens Defence organising meeting along with any other ideas or initiatives suggested. See here for further details about the WMRI –

It is clear following recent demonstrations against the 2011 Budget that there exists a political apathy amongst those who the revolutionary left have sought to involve, such as the unemployed. We do not believe an over concentration on gaining seats through elections will help our socialist ends, nor empower the working class.

Through the formation of the Citizens Defence, we hope to employ a new strategy of reaching out to communities and individuals without an existing political culture through practical initiatives they themselves are involved in.

For further information see

To get involved, or to be added to our mailing list, contact

If you are thinking of attending this initial meeting of the CDC, please let us know and we will forward the planned agenda for the meeting

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