CDC Meeting Report (12/02/2011)

On Saturday the 12th of February political activists gathered at a meeting in Capel Street, Dublin 2, to discuss the formation of a Citizens Defence Committee. Members of organisations such as eirigi, the ISN, Sinn Fein and the WSM attended in a personal capacity, while many independent activists from different left wing political tendencies also attended. Various practical initiatives were discussed including the waste relief initiative, household rainwater harvesting systems, community gardens, housing initiatives and initiatives around anti-social behaviour.

Due to the broadness of these initiatives sub-committees were formed to research the practicalities, feasibility and possible implementation of these initiatives. It was found that many activists who attended have had considerable experience in some of these initiative areas, and have joined sub-committees to assist with their development.

These sub-committees have been tasked to present their findings at the next Citizens Defence Committee meeting.

Theoretical issues surrounding the possible organisational structure and democratic procedures of a Citizens Defence Committee were discussed. However at this early stage, no decisions have been settled upon.

For more information see

The next meeting is scheduled for two weeks time.

To get involved, or to be added to the mailing list, contact

For more information, see

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