Discussion on Radicalization of Youth in Ireland

Dé Sathairn 26ú Márta/Saturday 26th March 3.00
After the march against the cuts to Belfast City Hall.
Fresh Claim Cafe, King Street, Béal Feirste.

Discussion on radicalization of youth in Europe.

Aoi-chainteoirí/Guest Speakers –

Flavia Rovella (Italy) – Feminism in southern Italy, the effect of the media and Italian mainstream politics on women in Italy and the need to speak about gender.

Arturo Villanueva (Basque Country) – Radical Basque youth movements in the independance struggle, Segi (Batasuna youth) and Basque youth assemblies.

Eudald Vilamajo (Catalonia) – Social movements in Barcelona and the role of the youth assembly in Catalan communities.

Tomaí Ó Conghaile (Ireland) – Irish Language development in the six counties and the potential for linguistic revival in Belfast.

Also there will be a guest youth speaker from the recently formed Dublin Citizens Defence Committee speaking about the positive effects of organising and radicalizing communities as well as practical advice on the work being carried out by the committee within communities.

The aim of the discussion is to raise awarness of radical ideas and movement throught Europe and work towards building a youth assembly in order to organise young people involved and interested in collectivism, contructive criticism and education.

Independant event.

Fáilte roimh cách/All welcome to come and support, drinks and food will be available throughout the discussion.
Bígí linn agus cúidígí linn ag tógáil todhchaí dearfach agus ag eagrú sochaí forásach.

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