~ Citizens Defence Committee Benefit Draw ~

14th MAY @10pm – Deer’s Head Public House, Parnell Street, Dublin.

*1st Prize: pair of boxing gloves signed by World Champion Anthony “The Pride” Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald talked to the CDC last Sunday and had this to say about the initiative:

”I support any community initiative that has the interests of citizens at heart where the foundation stone rebuilds the unbreakable community spirit of times gone by, where citizens and neighbours genuinely looked out for, and helped one another, something that has been sadly lacking in this era where economic survival takes precedent over community wellbeing”.

“I wish to think that in my role as a successful boxer from Inner City Dublin that I not only play my own part in rebuilding the same community spirit but also act as a role-model to the upcoming generation and show them that sport can play a healthy part in maintaining ones own health, wellbeing and discipline in a community atmosphere. This helps gain the unequivocal support of all citizens/neighbours. Those who have communities at heart should endeavour to rekindle the same community spirit of times gone by”.

– other prizes on the night include beautifully crafted handmade bodhráns, a framed Proclamation and a framed James Connolly photograph

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